Lethargy and motivation

I wonder if the way people lead their lives in the ‘connected’ age is exacerbating problems of motivation. I see anxiety about checking cell phones, time spent browsing for hours online, and the pervasive feeling of distraction. In doing so much, are we doing very little?

How does this constant browsing affect people’s lives?

What do people do when:

  • They want another job
  • They want another relationship
  • They want to move to a different place
  • They want to travel

Is it the case that the people who actually have the motivation to go from wanting these things to realizing them will persist no matter what distractions pervades their environments?

I’m trying to think out loud here, I’m not sure I quite have a thesis yet. I guess I’d like to make a connection between excessive browsing and the inability to form goals and/or to achieve goals.

I think I will continue to ponder this.


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