The effects of waking up early

I’ve been waking up earlier than usual for about a week now.

Some historical context:
I’ve been a nocturnal person since I was born, apparently. In high school, during summer vacations, I would go to bed later and later, so towards the end of the summer, I was actually going to bed at 4am, then even later at dawn, then even later at like 1pm! It got ridiculous. I felt really weird all the time. I was awake and reading books and messaging my friends on AIM and listening to music all night long. But when the school year started, I would normalize a bit and go back to going to bed at around midnight or 1am. And wake up at 7:whatever and feel very nauseous and bleary from lack of sleep.

Some recent context:
I just moved to the west coast for a new job but I wanted to still live on Eastern time.

How does it feel?
It feels fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s wonderful to be able to go outside for a brief walk around the block and hear the birds sing. and to have time to write blogs and work on my habits on And to think about what I would like to spend my time on earth doing. In life, this year, this month, this week, today, this morning. Waking up early imbues many decisions about what iIm going to do later in the day with a feeling of intention. I think it’s a ‘keystone practice’ that has cascading effects on the rest of my psychological ecosystem.

other people do it too:
 (someone whose writing I look forward to for inspiration almost daily) has blogged about the practice of waking up early. In this post that I’ve linked, he talks about picking a good investment, i.e. something cool to do to spend the extra time one has when one wakes up earlier than usual. Some practical advice that I’m retrospectively finding useful: “Pick an investment that you’ll be really happy about waking up an hour earlier to work on.”

Leo Babauta suggests actual techniques to use to try and wake up earlier in the day, on zenhabits. His suggestion of incremental improvement sounds useful. I’d like to solidify my 6:30am ritual before going to 6:20 and eventually 6am. I think 6am could be my golden standard.


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