The evolution of humans into other animals

temporary tattoo that can unlock your phone!

It feels like an unprecedented revolution when things start entering the human body in this way. Whenever I hear about stuff like this, I always think that the definition of what it means to be human is changing. For example, one of the ways I define what it means to be human is, we are destructible. If something strikes our soft shells and paralyzes us, we don’t have the ability to come back from that like lizards generate new tails. Granted, this example is not quite that, but when a paralyzed person is able to move their arm again because of a chip implanted in their bodies, we’ve effectively allowed human beings to be able to regenerate a new functioning arm, which is something that I associate with lizards, not humans!!

Some animals, like bees and birds, have the sense of magnetoception, which means being feeling magnetic forces. Now, humans can have this too! We are literally changing what it means to be human, y’all, and that blows my mind.

I quickly learned that magnetic surfaces provided almost no sensation at all. Rather, it was movement that caused my finger to perk up. Things like power cord transformers, microwaves, and laptop fans became interactive in a whole new way. Each object has its own unique field, with different strength and “texture.” I started holding my finger over almost everything that I could, getting a feeling for each object’s invisible reach.

I am so excited and scared to see how our species evolves, lightning fast, in the next few years and decades.


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