Week in Review! It’s the end of the middle of September. And the beginning of fall.

So technically, yesterday was the last day of summer. Crazy! Though it doesn’t quite get chilly where I am on the West Coast as it already is in Boston.

For this Week in Review–

  • Ebola is scary already, but could get worse. Some people are worried that it could mutate to become airborne, instead of being transmitted only through direct contact with bodily fluids. Ahh!!

So much of Clinton’s memoir is either lumbering (“The rise of China is one of the most consequential strategic developments of our time’’), leaden (“The end of Burma’s story is yet to be written, and there are many challenges ahead’’), or lifeless (“I left El Salvador and flew to Honduras for the annual meeting of the Organization of American States’’). Truly it strains the patience, and then the eyes, of the reader.

And really, who writes a sentence that begins like this?: “In Jerusalem I had the pleasure of seeing my old friend President Shimon Peres . . . ’’

Even so, this book — overhyped, and with an embargo to which nobody paid any mind but nonetheless was designed to build suspense for a book that has no suspense — will be used. That is not the same thing as saying that it will be useful.

It will have utility to the legion of Hillary haters who will examine with an electron microscope her waterproof 33-page treatment of the tragic incident at Benghazi and will dole out to the talk show mavens of misrepresentation morsels of her (admirable and imaginative) work of folding women’s rights and world health into the everyday work of diplomacy — indisputable proof, they will say, of her hopeless America-hating, minority-loving, left-wing orientation. Her allies, particularly in the Democratic Party, will seize on her loyalty to the president, though that is a rapidly diminishing asset.

That’s it for this week’s Week in Review. Tune in next week for more! 🙂


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