Week in Review

The weather continues to be perfection in Southern California. Meanwhile it’s chilly and raining on the East Coast. Impossible not to marvel at my good fortune 🙂

  • On the Ebola front, a nurse in Texas contracted Ebola from the Liberian patient she was treating, which is terrifying and points to protocol being breached. The CDC is claiming to implement new procedures to limit infection risks for patients with Ebola in the United States. Meanwhile, there have been Ebola scares in Boston, LA, and NYC, but they turned out to not be cases of Ebola.
  • Robots may replace human workers and cause a state of permanent structural unemployment. Foxconn has been trying to move in that direction, and they are preparing to use 10,000 robots to manufacture iPhones sometime in the near future. Speculators argue that humans will never be outsourced, but I’m skeptical. It’s hard to predict whether the future is full of technology-specific jobs that will employ humans, or whether robots will do all work in human society altogether. Basic income would be an awesome way to handle the structural unemployment that will inevitably occur to some extent, but since that involves such a culture shift in the United States, including the prospect of dismantling the entire welfare system, I don’t see the U.S. government seriously considering basic income as an option for citizens.
  • Consumer technology will prompt more and more useless purchases.

Check y’all later!


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